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Canadian, and internationally acclaimed, artist Edward Spera's creations are inspired from his travels across the globe.

Numerous research trips have taken him across Africa, India, Nepal, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, China, Tibet, North, South & Central America and now into the oceans of the world. His latest journeys have taken him to  Vancouver B.C.  (Aug/Sept 2021) and Grise Fiord, Nunavut  (July 2022). From these adventures  he takes moments of time captured by camera and turns them into detailed wonders of art. By doing so, Edward hopes to convey to the viewer the incredible beauty of the creatures that share this world with us.

About the Artist

His lifestyle is an incredible journey. The connection between Edward’s work and the real wild experiences that inspire his creations is amazing. How he got to this point is even more so.

Twenty two years ago Edward picked up a brush and created his first painting. Edward is completely self-taught, no classes, books or videos. He states,  “ I learn something new from every piece I create and then try to improve on in my next series of works”. Using his own reference, taken in the field on one of his many adventures, Edward spends long hours using the smallest of

brushes to recreate the moment. Every brush stroke brings Edward closer to completing the piece, what he calls his tribute to the existence of that particular animal, “ Writers and poets use words, where I as an artist need to convey an experience in a visual manner”.

A few months every year Edward and his wife head out on a new adventure. They shy away from tours and prefer to organize as they go. Booking flights and permits if need be their travel style is flexible to say the least. Having a wish list of wildlife they would like to see they hire guides and transport along the way in order to give themselves the best possible chance to see something amazing. Perhaps it is just being in the right place at the right time, as was the case when they awoke one morning to find a grizzly bear sleeping thirty feet outside of their tent on a trip to Alaska, “ Sometimes,  the wildlife finds you, I’m sure they have a wish list too”.

Recently, Edward has had the honour of working with the Royal Canadian Mint on a series of projects. He is proud to have had his design of a Bluejay released as part of a specimen set Jan 2015.

Edward has a unique and distinct style appreciated by his increasing collector base. His pursuit of subjects, and  the quality of his work,  has his numerous collectors continually to pursue and enjoy his art. Edward’s  highly detailed pieces hang in collections worldwide and his reproductions help fund conservation efforts internationally. When Edward is asked what his favourite piece is, from his 400+ creations he simply answers, “ The next one”.

“ The exciting part of what I do is the best is yet to come.”